The appearance of the building is the image of the company, its visiting card. Therefore, in addition to arranging the interior, it is important to pay attention to the condition of the facades.

If you need repair or restoration of facades in Kyiv, the specialists of the Steel Center company will perform work of any complexity. Applied technologies and materials allow not only to renovate the appearance of the facade, but also to extend the life of the building, as well as preserve its technical characteristics.

Full range of services

The "Steel Center" company cooperates with private and public institutions.  We carry out restoration and repair of facades of buildings for various purposes: from private and apartment buildings to administrative, office or industrial buildings.

It is possible to order a turnkey facade decoration from us, as well as a separate segment of work:

  • facade condition analysis;
  • dismantling and cleaning the surface of the old cladding;
  • all types of finishing work: primer, plaster, putty, paint;
  • thermal insulation work;
  • restoration of decorative, architectural elements.

Specialists of the company provide free advice on any issues. You have access to the service of visiting the wizard to an object to assess the volume and cost of work. For the entire range of repair and restoration work, a guarantee is provided for a period of 5 years.

Call to consult with the manager and find the best solution to your problem.