The manufacture of metal structures of various profiles in the factory is the main specialization of the Steel Center company. The products manufactured at our factory have been successfully used for over 10 years in various fields and industries throughout Ukraine.

The production capabilities of the company allow you to implement projects of any complexity: from individual metal structures according to the drawings of the customer or our developers to complete buildings.

Wide range of structures

The Steel Center company produces almost all types of metal structures - both serial and according to your drawings. The production uses modern high-tech welding equipment, plasma cutting machines for sheet metal, miter, band saws.

The manufacture of metal structures is carried out using modern equipment and high-quality consumables. The use of advanced technologies allows us to manufacture metal structures of any complexity and purpose:

  • complete buildings (columns, farms, beams, girders, communications, crossbars);
  • welded tee, I-beams;
  • containers, silos for storing bulk materials;
  • span structures for bridges and passages, galleries;
  • roofing and front metalwork;
  • custom designs for production according to customer drawings.

Metal structures can be used in all industries and types of construction. They are reliable, easy to manufacture and affordable. Modern equipment and qualified staff allow us to manufacture and assemble metal structures of any shape and size. We can order the implementation of standard and non-standard objects.

Rapidly erected buildings

“BC Steel Center” is engaged in the design and construction of rapidly erected buildings. The frame of such structures is metalwork, wall and roof are sandwich panels or corrugated board. We implement standard and non-standard projects.

Most often, the technology is used to erect:

  • production or industrial facilities;
  • storage facilities;
  • hangars;
  • agricultural facilities;
  • sports and shopping malls.

Frame technology is well established in the construction and operation of industrial and civil construction. The main advantages that make rapidly erected buildings so popular:

  • affordable price;
  • high quality;
  • long term of operation;
  • efficiency and ease of installation;
  • resistance to fire;
  • seismic stability;
  • lack of additional costs - there is no need to fill in a massive foundation, attract a lot of specialists and equipment.

Another important advantage is the connection of all components most often with bolts, less often with welding. This allows you to quickly dismantle and transport the structure to another place if necessary.

Complex approach

The Steel Center company offers not only the manufacture of various types of metal structures. We are ready to prepare a project, deliver the finished construction to the customer, as well as professionally perform all installation work.

A full range of metal fabrication works includes the following:

  • development of MS, MDS drawings preparation of metal cutting cards;
  • metal rolling purchase
  • work with metal - cutting, assembly, welding of parts;
  • sandblasting;
  • priming and finishing;
  • packaging, labeling of parts;
  • loading and transportation;
  • quality passport assignment:
  • mounting.

We are ready to fulfill all these tasks both in a complex and individual work. The cost of metal structures is determined at the project development stage and depends on its complexity, scope of work, and metal processing options.

Five reasons to order the manufacture of metal structures at Steel Center:

  1. An integrated approach (project development, manufacturing, delivery, installation).
  2. Short time.
  3. Low price.
  4. High quality.
  5. The ability to implement custom projects according to customer drawings.

When ordering metal fabrication from us, you can be sure that you will get factory quality at an affordable price. Moreover, production of any complexity is carried out as soon as possible.

We monitor the quality of manufactured structures and provide guarantees not only for products, but also for all work performed.