The Steel Center company offers its customers industrial mountain climbing services for various types of high-altitude work. We employ high-altitude specialists who carry out their work at a high level.

In our company you can order such works as: repair of roofs and awnings, cleaning of rusted metal structures, anti-corrosion protection and painting of metal structures at a height, washing and painting of facades, cleaning and painting of silos and tanks and more.

Estimated cost of painting at a height of 25.00 UAH. / m2

Industrial mountaineering in Kiev includes various methods by which it is possible to carry out work on high-altitude objects. In the field of industrial mountaineering, mainly those who are engaged in speleology and rock climbing work mainly. Using the methods of speleology, it is possible to significantly reduce the cost of high-altitude work. Industrial mountaineering in Ukraine is fast and efficient.

You, most likely, clearly imagine how much time will be spent on mounting scaffolding and cradles to perform work at heights. Installation of such equipment will cost much more than the challenge of climbers. You personally can verify this by seeing prices for industrial mountaineering. Also, a big advantage is a quick departure to the place of work and efficient execution of work in the shortest possible time.

Saving time and saving money are the main advantages of industrial mountaineering services.

○ cleaning and washing of structures, building facades and metal structures using washing equipment of TM Karcher;
○ painting of metal structures at height;
○ mechanical cleaning of structures (manual or sandblasting).