The functionality and safety of the entire structure largely depend on how well-designed and well-built roofs are. Roofing is one of the most popular services of the company. Our experts will successfully cope with the design of the roof of any configuration, and experienced craftsmen will ensure professional installation of the product.

Metal truss structures
One of the main elements of any building is the rafter system. Rafters are a kind of roof frame, which accounts for the entire load created directly by the weight of the structure and precipitation. Until recently, rafters were made of wood, but now the situation has undergone significant changes. Today, metal roofs are the most popular among customers, where durable metal trusses are used as rafters. First of all, this is due to the special technical and operational properties of metal alloys: reliability, resistance to ignition, and long service life. As the main material used to create the frame, metal is used, and for roofing galvanized or painted profiled sheet, sandwich panel, bitumen or clay tiles, etc. can be used.

The metal structures of the roof perform an essential function, therefore, the incorrect type of structure, an error in the calculations during the development of project documentation, or poor quality of construction work can cause unpleasant consequences, such as deformation of the roof covering or even a collapse of the roof. This should be taken into account when choosing a contractor company to whom you will entrust the solution to this problem. Give preference to true professionals with sufficient experience and guaranteeing a good result.

Estimated cost of the metal frame of the roof - from 900 UAH / m2

Our company can carry out a full range of work on the development of design documentation for the roof, taking into account the characteristics of the building, as well as the customer's wishes, ending with the manufacture, delivery and installation of a complete set of roofs - frame and cover.