Monolithic construction technology is increasingly being used for the construction of reinforced concrete buildings and structures of any shape and height in a short time. Such work requires a high level of training and experience of builders, so the choice of a contractor must be approached carefully.

The masters of the Steel Center company professionally perform all types of concrete (monolithic) work of any level of complexity. We work in Kiev and central regions of Ukraine.

Features of monolithic construction

Monolithic work is the fastest and most reliable method of erecting almost any type of building. If you competently approach their implementation, you can build an object with different layouts in a short time.

The proportion of concrete work in the entire construction volume can reach 50%, so it is extremely important to comply with technology and standards. They are indispensable in the process:

  • foundation pouring;
  • concreting floors, stairs, basements, walls;
  • creating floor slabs;
  • construction of piles, supports, pylons;
  • creating complex architectural elements with high accuracy and speed;
  • repair of concrete, monolithic and reinforced concrete structures.

The masters of the Steel Center company adhere to the technology and conduct monolithic construction in the correct sequence:

  • installation of fittings;
  • installation of formwork, scaffolding;
  • pouring and compaction of concrete;
  • concrete care, warming up in winter;
  • dismantling of formwork.

Concrete work is a laborious process that requires special knowledge and skills. The reliability and durability of the building, as well as the risks of premature damage, depend on the quality of their implementation.

Pros and cons of applying technology

Like any technology, monolithic construction has positive and negative sides. The main advantage is the ability to create full-fledged buildings in a short time without having to wait for shrinkage of masonry before finishing work.

As a result of monolithic works, they get a solid and even reinforced concrete structure that meets all safety requirements and construction standards, and also does not require additional finishing work.

Other benefits:

  • lack of seams between designs;
  • high rigidity of the frame and the ability to erect tall buildings;
  • minimal tendency to cracking;
  • the possibility of redevelopment during operation without the risk of damage to the supporting structures;
  • 15-20% less weight than brick buildings.

The disadvantages include a higher cost, since the process is time-consuming, requires the involvement of experienced engineers and expensive equipment. Monolithic walls additionally require insulation and forced ventilation.

The cost of monolithic work

Our company has all the necessary equipment, tools, materials at its disposal, as well as a team of specialists to carry out a set of monolithic works. The competent organization of the process and experience allows us to offer favorable conditions for cooperation for each customer.

The cost of monolithic and concrete work depends on a number of factors:

  • building dimensions;
  • reinforcement density;
  • type of concrete mix used;
  • soil characteristics;
  • the complexity of geometric or architectural forms;
  • materials used.

On average, the cost is about 20% of the total construction estimate. Therefore, it is wiser and more economical to hire one contractor to carry out all the work.

The Steel Center company provides both general contracting services and is ready to implement a separate segment of construction work. Having made an order with us, you can be sure of the professionalism of the masters and the objective drawing up of an estimate.

You can find out all the details by calling +38 (044) 331-97-98.