The price of building frameless hangars

Now many logistics and other companies that use large premises in their activities, for example, widely use the services of building frameless hangars for storage. This technology is so popular among companies because it has many advantages relative to the usual methods of construction and “classic” building materials.

So, first of all, the construction of frameless hangars is much simpler and does not require long preparatory work – this is the construction of a powerful foundation. It should be noted that the cost of building a foundation in conventional construction of brick or cinder block can reach 30 percent of the cost of building the entire facility.

Frameless technology, in turn, does not require such a foundation, as it is lightweight due to the fact that all used construction elements are lightweight. If you plan to build a hangar, find out the cost of work, deadlines, as well as other necessary information regarding the construction of frameless hangars.